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WordPress Basic Tutorial in Bangla – Part1

In this Bangla WordPress basic tutorial we will teach you INS and of WordPress Admin area. Find all you need to know from WordPress dashboard to complete CMS.

Hello guys! This is Riyadh Mohammed Arefin, instructor for the WordPress training courses. I’m a professional web designer, working on zHost Bangladesh as a Web developer. It’s my pleasure to share my knowledge with you. As a developer may time I’ve noticed my clients need to be train to manage their websites after develop. So here it is! I finish up conclusion, I should create a video series to train and educate Bangladeshi community about wordpress basics. To base on this thinking, I am starting to make this WordPress basic tutorial in Bangla.

In this WordPress Basic Bangla Tutorial, I am trying to teach about WordPress Basic concepts. Learn how to manage a WordPress website step by step. Even if you’re a beginner you’ll be able to build your own website and also manage it by watching this tutorial. Learning wordpress from this video is 100% newbie friendly.

As I covered everything from start to finish on the WordPress tutorial for beginners step by step, so you don’t need any previous knowledge or website design experience to get started!

Why We Learn WordPress?

We have come with 5 main reasons why we learning WordPress.

1. Popularity of WordPress
Many users are already familiar with the WordPress CMS, requiring less staff    training when building a new site like e-commerce, Affiliates, Advertising, small to large business, corporate, blogs.

2. WordPress is easy to manage CMS
You don’t need to be an IT expert or web coder to use WordPress. You just need WordPress basic knowledge to manage your own website.

3. WordPress is good for both your blog and your website
Now days WordPress is no more a simple blogging platform! Almost any type of website is now possible to build and manage on WordPress CMS.

4. Lower maintenance costs
You may name any Open Source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Open cart, Magneto but WordPress is way cost effective in terms of low cost.

5. WordPress is search engine friendly
WordPress come with default SEO friendly features which help you to less your SEO effort. To make your website SEO compatible with any other CMS is much difficult.

We have designed the video course in 18 chapters:

1. Dashboard
At first, we know about dashboard and it’s feature. In this WordPress dashboard tutorial we will teach ins and out of WP dashboard.
2. General Settings
In this tutorial, we will show about how to customize site title, address and tagline.
3. Writing and Reading Settings
We will show about how to set home page and blog page.
4. Discussion Settings
We will show about how to set article settings and comment settings.
5. Media And Permalink
In media, we will show how to resize picture and we will also know about permalink.
6. Creating/Edit Post
In this tutorial, we know about how to create Post and edit it.
7. Category and tags
We will show about how to create category and use tags.
8. Media
Here we know about add image and use it on our wordpress website.
9. Creating/Edit page
In this tutorial, we know about how to create page and edit it.
10. Manage comment
How can you approved and unapproved comment and it’s various use.
11. Themes
We will show how you can install theme in themes option.
12. Widgets
Use of widgets and it’s feature.
13. Menus
Creating menus and know various use of it.
14. Theme editor and header
We will show how you can use theme editor and header option.
15. Plugins
Why we use plugins and we will show how you can use it properly.
16. Manage User
How to create user and their variable use.
17. Import & Export Tools
What is the functionality of import and export tools.
18. Screen option
At the end, we will know about screen option and it’s functionality.

The main reason to make this tutorial is for our respectable wordpress user and wordpress learners. They can easily know about wordpress basic from this tutorial. And they can manage easily their site.
We hope that, this tutorial will be so helpful for those people which person are trying to know about wordpress.

Watch the video on YouTube: WordPress dashboard tutorial in Bangla – WordPress basic tutorial – Part1

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