Add SSL to WordPress Site – WP Security Bangla Tutorial – part2

In this video Bangla WordPress Security tutorial we showed how you properly setup SSL certificate on WordPrees website. We have resented simplest way to add SSL to WordPress site without any .htaccess coding. By doing code on .htaccess may cause several issues on your website, if you are not an expert.

Full meaning of SSL stands for secure socket layer. SSL certificate puts an extra security layer during data communicated between server and web browser. Basically the SSL ensure highly encrypted data to protect being stolen or hack. Any website collects user data such as email address, phone number, credit card number or any sensitive information, SSL certificate must for them.

Google have declared to give priority of site rank on search result for those website have SSL certificate. Recently we discovered they are giving more priority over non SSL certified website. So if your business depends on Google Rank, you should be considering SSL certificate immediately.

Previous WordPress security Bangla tutorial we presented how you will ensure security during setup WordPress. If you missed the last video you may have a look our first WP Security Tutorial here: Best WordPress Security Tutorial in Bangla – Part1

From many years of professional experience we came to conclusion, if your website have SSL certificate setup, it not only increase the security but also increase sale. You will defiantly see your clients or visitors are feeling safer to communicate with you or buy a product or service from you.

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