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Before buying domain in Bangladesh let me introduce you about a short history of domain extension. In 1984 when internet was available for every human being, during the time Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) has been published six TLDs domain extension. These are the following domain:
• .com
• .net
• .edu
• .mil
• .gov
• .org
After a few years later in 1988 the “IANA” has been published two more domains that were .us and .uk. You will be surprised to know that from the beginning of 1984 to till now 1517 domain extension has been published.

In general, domain means name or address. Usually, a domain is used for making a website visitable on the internet. For example, every physical store has a name and address. We can visit the store by following the store name and address. Just like that if we want to visit an online store or an eCommerce website, we have to enter the website’s domain name in the browser.

Now, we are going to discuss how we can buy a domain in Bangladesh. At this point, we’re choosing “zHost Bangladesh” domain name registration bd service provider. Now a question may arise that is why we should choose zHost Bangladesh? Before buy domain in bd allow me to explain.

Well, I know thousands of domain name registration in Bangladesh service providers available. To be a perfect domain purchase bd provider, the registrar has to pass the following test with qualities.

Buy Domain BD Qualities

1. Low Pricing
2. WHOIS Protection
3. Several Options for Registration Timeframes
4. Automated Renewals and Reminders
5. A Wide Variety of Top-level Domains
6. Well experienced customers Support

Well, buy domain bd I mean zHost Bangladesh able to pass the mentioned list with qualities. Obviously, our domain price is cheaper than other well-known companies in Bangladesh and the great thing is our domain price bd is sustainable. I mean it is not fluctuating.

Yeah, we have been providing WHOIS protection at a cheap price. Like, you can purchase WHOIS protection for only 300TK/year.

Here number three is a tricky one! Some companies don’t allow you to buy domain in bd for more than one year. But we allow our customers to buy domain bd for a minimum of one year to a maximum of ten years.

zHost Bangladesh allows customers to enable the automated renewals option. In addition, we notify our Bangladeshi domain customers one month before the expiration date.

We offers wide range of TLDs such as .com .net .org .info .biz .tech .company .asia .us .uk .nz .gg and so on. If you are looking for some others extensions which you are unable to see in our client area, just let us know via live chat or a quick phone call. We will add those extensions within a few minutes.

Customer support is the main part! Well, we provide 24/7 customer support. We have a well-experienced dedicated domain purchase bd support team. We’re always awake to get you the best domain customer support a human can imagine. We don’t believe the 24-hour support is a promotional word, but we do practice in practice since we started the domain name registration in Bangladesh business.

Why you should buy domain in Bangladesh?

If you live in Bangladesh then there are hundreds of reasons to buy domain from Bangladesh. Most of the foreign company looks like offer very cheap domain prices compared to local companies. I would say this kind of promotion is a trap! Don’t fall for it. Before getting rid of me please let me explain. Well, we all heard about (GoDaddy and Namecheap). No thought they are two of the biggest company in the world. But if we look at their domain pricing, we can notice their domain pricing is fluctuating almost every year. Like, for the 1st year you buy a .com domain for 5$-8$. But in the next year, it will increase from 15$ to 25$. It’s a trap! Isn’t it?

Now when it comes to Bangladeshi domain providers you can relay. Most of the well-known domain name registration bd service provider offers cheap and affordable domain prices. And their domain price bd does not fluctuate like international domain companies. In addition, you can get support from our Bangladeshi domain providers via direct phone call which is not available if you go with the international providers.

Buy Domain in Bangladesh Process

For domain name registration in Bangladesh 1st, you need to visit Then write your desired domain on the domain search box and click on the search button.
Buy Domain BD

If your domain is available to purchase then it will appear like the above picture. If your desire bd domain is unavailable to buy then it will show “Sorry your domain is not available”. In this case, you have to change your domain and try again. Now you have to add your domain to the cart and then click on checkout.
Buy Domain BD

After reaching the last page here you have to fill up your billing information and then click on complete your order. At this stage, we’ve completed our order successfully. Now, all we need to do is pay the invoice according to the instructions.
Buy Domain BD

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