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The Bangladeshi domain and hosting sector is growing rapidly. One of the main reasons is our domain consumers market is getting bigger and extending every day. Despite that, we still face some restrictions while purchasing domains from Bangladesh. For example, we need to have a dollar-supported master card or visa card to buy a domain from Bangladesh. We know, getting a dollar-supported card isn’t easy in Bangladesh. Most of the time our local Bank charges a huge amount for this. In addition, they have a lot of requirements as well.

But did you know, we can buy domain in bd without having a master card? Yes, you are hearing right. We can buy domain with bKash. Even you can purchase a domain with bKash much cheaper than Mastercard. The following article will discuss step by step to buy domain with bKash.

Buy Domain with bKash step-by-step process

There are four easy steps to buy domain with bKash. Such as you have to visit Now search for your desired domain in the domain search box.
Buy Domain with bKash
If your domain is available to buy it will appear like this “Congratulations! is available!”. If your desired domain is not available to buy that means someone already purchased the domain. You have to search for another domain following the same process.

Now click on “Add to Cart” and then click on “checkout”
Buy Domain with bKash
On the next page, you will see an option which is “Domains Configuration”. Here you can edit your domain nameservers. Moreover, you can also edit nameservers after purchasing the domain. Now click on “Continue” and then click on “Checkout”.
Buy domain with bKash
You must create an account on the following page to place the order. Keep in mind that this account includes all the domains and hosting services you purchased from zHost Bangladesh. After filling up your personal or company details click on “Complete Order”.
Buy domain with bKash
After completing the order, you will get an invoice. In the top right corner, you will have all of the payment procedures with the bKash payment number.
Buy domain with bKash

Buy Domain with bKash Payment Procedure

First, open your bKash app. If you don’t have the bKash app you can dial *247#. Now chose the make payment option.
Buy domain with bKash
Now write down the bKash Merchant number according to your invoice and click on the arrow button.
Buy domain with bKash
In the following section type your payable amount according to your invoice and click on the arrow button.
Buy domain with bKash
In the reference section, type your invoice number. It is mandatory. Please don’t forget to type the reference number while making the payment. Now type your password and here you go!
Buy domain with bKash

Buy Domain with bKash FAQ

Can I buy domain with bKash?
Yes, you can! If you are looking to buy domain with bKash simply visit and place your order. zHost Bangladesh supports bKash along with Rocket and Nagad.

Can I buy domain and hosting with bKash?
It’s a big yes! Go to and chose your domain and hosting as per your needs. Then place your order and make the payment with bKash.

How long will it take to activate the domain after making the payment with bKash?
After making the payment with bKash it will take a maximum of 1 minute to 60 minutes to activate your domain.

Is it legal to buy domain with bKash in Bangladesh?
Of course, its 100% legal in Bangladesh.

Dose zHost Bangladesh support bKash payment?
Yes, zHost Bangladesh support bKash, Rocket, and Nagad. You can also pay with your VISA and Master Card.

Do I need to pay the bKash charge while buy domain with bKash?
No, if you buy domain from zHost Bangladesh then you don’t need to pay bKash charges.

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