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Cheap domain means a domain name that is available at a lower cost than the standard market rate. This can be due to the fact that the domain is not in high demand, or because the domain name is being offered for a limited-time promotion. Cheap domain names are often used by businesses that are just starting out, as well as those who want to create a website quickly without spending a lot of money.
Basically, cheap domain and cheap rate domain in Bangladesh both are same. If we want to describe it than we can say, cheap rate domains generally refer the domains that are purchased at a discounted rate. Many domain registrars offer discounts for certain domain extensions, as well as promotional codes and special offers. Additionally, some registrars offer discounted rates for bulk purchases.
A cheap domain BD is a domain name that is offered for a lower-than-usual rate. There are a few ways to find cheap domain names in Bangladesh. First, you must visit this web page cheap domain registration Bangladesh.
In this mentioned page zHost offers cheap domain registration services in Bangladesh. This cheap domain page refers bunch of cheap rate domain extensions. In this stage you can choose any of the mentioned extensions. Additionally, you can follow our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Here we will regularly let you know the updates about the latest cheap domain price in Bangladesh. Sometimes we may also offer coupons and discounts that can help reduce the cost to find even better deals.

What is a cheap domain in Bangladesh?

A cheap domain in Bangladesh is a domain name that can be registered at a low cost. zHost Bangladesh offers cheap domain registration services in Bangladesh.

How much cheap domain cost in Bangladesh?

Cheap domain in Bangladesh Prices typically range from around BDT 100TK to BDT 1000TK per year depending on the domain extension. Sometimes cheap domain costs a nominally prices for the promotion purpose.

What are the cheapest domain providers in Bangladesh?

zHost Bangladesh provides low price domain bd. Our cheapest domain price starts from BDT100TK to BDT 1000TK.

Is cheap domain bd free in Bangladesh?

No, cheap domain is not fully free. But it will cost you a nominally amount which could be BDT 100TK to BDT 1000TK.

How can I get a 100% free domain in Bangladesh?

There are few domains registrar provides 100% free domain in Bangladesh. Such as Dot TK and Freenom offers fully free domain all across the glove. But you can get a 100% free DOT COM domain from zHost Bangladesh. We offer .COM domain free for the 1st year if you buy any web hosting package from us.

What is the cheapest domain in Bangladesh?

The cheapest domain name in Bangladesh is Dot XYZ and it costs around BDT 300 per year. But when it comes to renew it will charge you BDT 1200TK to BDT 1800TK.

Is it safe to buy domain from zHost Bangladesh?

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure to buy domain from zHost Bangladesh. zHost started business back in 2014 and keep maintaining amazing service till now. You can blindly buy domain from zhost and we also offer many web hosting packages.

Why XYZ domain cheap in Bangladesh?

XYZ domain names are relatively new, so they are still less expensive than other more established domain name options. Dot XYZ domain also in a promotional period. Additionally, since Bangladesh is a developing country, there is less competition when it comes to domain name registration, so the cost is lower than in more developed countries.

How to buy cheap domain names in Bangladesh?

Here are five easy steps to buy cheap domain names in Bangladesh.

1. Choose a reliable domain registrar: First, you will need to choose a reliable domain registrar in Bangladesh. There are many reputable domain registrars in Bangladesh. But here you can choose zHost Bangladesh because of their amazing support and low-price domain BD.

2. Compare prices: After choosing a domain registrar, you can compare the prices of different domain extensions in Bangladesh. This will help you to find the cheapest option available.

3. Choose a payment method: You can pay for your domain name using different payment methods such as bKash, Rocket, Nagad, debit/credit cards, bank transfer, and more.

4. Activate domain privacy: It is recommended to activate domain privacy to keep your personal information safe from domain spammers and cyber criminals.

5. Renew your domain: Make sure you renew your domain name before the expiration date to avoid any interruption in service.

Can I buy hosting with cheap domain?

Yes, you can buy hosting with any cheap domain extensions. We have lot of web hosting packages such as, Standard Plan, Smart Plan, Business Plan, Corporate Plan and so on.

Cheap Domain Price in Bangladesh
.XYZ Commercial Domain YES YES YES Tk.300
.RU Organization Domain YES YES YES Tk.600
.US Network Domain YES YES YES Tk.800
.EU Informative Domain YES YES YES Tk.850
.NAME Business Domain YES YES YES Tk.990
.UK Professional Domain YES YES YES Tk.1050
.COM Professional Domain YES YES YES Tk.1450
.NET Professional Domain YES YES YES Tk.1390
.ORG Professional Domain YES YES YES Tk.1390
.ME Employment Domain YES YES YES Tk.1000

Cheap Domain in Bangladesh Registration Process

Cheap domain registration Bangladesh is cup of tea process. I mean it’s really an easy process. You just need to follow the below steps.

  • 1. Choose a Domain Name. Before you can register a domain, you need to decide what name you want for your website.
  • 2. Check Domain Name Availability. Once you have a domain name in mind, you can use the domain search tool to check if it is available or not.
  • 3. Select a Domain Registrar. Once you have found an available domain name, you need to choose a domain registrar. In this case, you can choose zHost Bangladesh as your perfect and reliable cheap domain registration service provider in Bangladesh.
  • 4. Register Your Domain. Once you have selected a domain registrar, now you can place the domain registration order.
  • 5. Make Payment. Once you have placed the order, now you have to pay the required amount, I mean payable amount for the domain. zHost Supports bKash, Rocket, Nagad and online Banking as a payment options.

Final Words about Cheap Domain in Bangladesh

Cheap domain in Bangladesh is a great way to save money when registering a domain name. There are several companies that offer cheap domains in Bangladesh, and they offer various features such as registration, hosting, and website design services. Bangladesh is a great place to start a website or blog, as it has a large population, a high literacy rate, and a relatively low cost of living. With the right domain name and hosting package, you can easily launch a successful website or blog in Bangladesh.

Benefits to Buy Domain From zHost


Complete control

Register new domain, renew old domain, transfer, move at any time.


Manage DNS

You can manage Domain Name Server to point any hosting.


WHOIS lookup

Change domain owner contact info to show in WHOIS lookup.ukcgjygjfjtfjgjgg


Theft Protection

By default zHost make secure your domain from illegal transfer.


Privacy Protection

Keep your private data, email protected from web spammer.


Manage Domain Forwarding

Forward multiple domains to main/single domain to preserve branding.

Please note

MoneyBack guarantee not applicable for any domain name registration, renew or transfer. Due to promotional reasons Cheap Domain prices may change anytime.

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