Buy Your Desired Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh


Buy Your Desired Cheap Hosting

Cheap web hosting in Bangladesh is a type of web hosting service that provides a low cost web hosting solution for businesses and individuals. Our cheap web hosting doesn’t mean it is cheap in quality. Here’s cheap hosting means low price and affordable web hosting without compromising quality. We made this hosting package considering a number people who is looking for low price hosting in Bangladesh without compromising the quality.
Cheap hosting in Bangladesh typically offers basic features such as cPanel, database, file manager or storage, web page creation, and web traffic analysis, as well as more advanced features such as webmail, FTP access, zone editors and scripting capabilities. Cheap hosting BD is designed to be tailored to suit the specific needs of the individual or business.
Our cheap web hosting in Bangladesh is usually cheap for a few reasons. First, we are able to offer inexpensive hosting services because of the economies of scale that come with hosting many websites on one server. We pays a fixed cost for the web server and is able to spread the cost across all of its hosted websites. Additionally, we often able to offer discounted services because it does not need to provide customer support, as most customers are able to manage their websites on their own. Finally, many hosting providers in Bangladesh offer cheap hosting plans as part of larger bundles that include domain registration, web design, and other services.

What is cheap web hosting?

Basically, cheap web hosting is a type of web hosting service that is offered at a low cost. But if you buy our cheap web hosting package it will never be going to disappoint you. Because we designed our cheap web hosting package in terms of cheap price without compromising the quality.

What is the difference between premium hosting and cheap hosting?

Premium hosting is usually more expensive than cheap hosting, but it also offers more features and benefits. Premium hosting usually includes more storage, higher levels of security, better support, and faster speeds. Cheap hosting tends to be more basic, with fewer features and fewer resources. It can also be more prone to downtime and have slower speeds.

What types of websites I can host with cheap web hosting?

You can host various websites on our cheap web hosting package in Bangladesh, including personal blogs, portfolios, small business websites, e-commerce stores, and forums. You can also host static HTML sites or those built with popular web development frameworks and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

What is the cheapest way to host a website in Bangladesh?

It’s really simple, visit our website zHost Bangladesh. Then go to cheap hosting menu. Here we have designed the best cheap web hosting package in Bangladesh for those who have a very tight budget. Our cheapest web hosting in Bangladesh starts from BDT 250.

Is cheap hosting in BD worth it?

It depends on your specific needs and budget. Cheap web hosting in Bangladesh can be a good option for those on a tight budget, but it may not be the best option for those who need more reliable hosting services. If you are looking for the best hosting for your website in Bangladesh, it is important to compare different hosting providers and their services to determine which one is the best fit for you.

How can I get a free domain in Bangladesh?

zHost Bangladesh offer free domain in Bangladesh. If you buy a regular hosting package from zHost you will get a free .com domain for the 1st year. The regular hosting price starts from BDT 1500 per year.

What is the cheapest hosting price in Bangladesh?

The cheapest hosting price in Bangladesh is around BDT 250 per year. This price is usually available if you buy cheap hosting from zHost Bangladesh. However, be sure to check out the cheap web hosting features according to your needs before making a purchase.

Can I host my website for free in Bangladesh?

Yes, there are some free web hosting services available in Bangladesh, such as Blogspot. However, these hosting services may not provide all of the features and capabilities that you need for a fully functional website. If you require more features and capabilities, you may need to purchase a paid hosting plan.

Which cheap hosting plan is best in Bangladesh?

The best cheap hosting plans offered by zHost Bangladesh. We offer affordable cheap price hosting without compromising the hosting quality.

Dose zHost Bangladesh support 24/7 support?

Yes, zHost Bangladesh offers 24/7 support. zHost offers support via email, support tickets, and telephone all day long.

Choose The Best Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh from USA Server



250MB Enterprise SSD Disk Space

5GB Monthly Bandwidth

No Free Domain

FREE SSL Certificate

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backup

0 Addon Domain

2 MySQL Database

1 Email Account

5 Sub Domains

2 FTP Accounts



500MB Enterprise SSD Disk Space

10GB Monthly Bandwidth

No Free Domain

FREE SSL Certificate

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backup

0 Addon Domain

4 MySQL Database

2 Email Account

7 Sub Domains

3 FTP Accounts



750MB Enterprise SSD Disk Space

15GB Monthly Bandwidth

No Free Domain

FREE SSL Certificate

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backup

0 Addon Domain

6 MySQL Database

3 Email Account

9 Sub Domains

4 FTP Accounts



1000MB Enterprise SSD Disk

20GB Monthly Bandwidth

NO Free Domain

FREE SSL Certificate

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backup

0 Addon Domain

8 MySQL Database

4 Email Account

11 Sub Domains

5 FTP Accounts

Choose The Perfect Cheap Price Hosting Provider in Bangladesh

To find the best and cheapest web hosting in Bangladesh, it is important to compare various hosting providers and packages. You should consider the features offered, the cost, and the customer service provided by the provider. Additionally, it is important to check the security and reliability of the service and make sure that the hosting provider has a good reputation.

Once you have identified a few providers that meet your requirements, you can compare their prices and features to find the best deal. Additionally, you should read reviews of the hosting provider and make sure that their customers are satisfied with their service. Finally, it is important to contact the hosting provider and ask any questions you may have before signing up for their service. This will allow you to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

When You Should Choose Low-Price Hosting in Bangladesh?

Our low-price hosting in Bangladesh is a type of web hosting that is available at a lower cost than other types of hosting. This low-price hosting is ideal for those who are on a tight budget, want to learn how to use web hosting or who are just starting out with their online presence. Low-price hosting typically comes with fewer features than other types of hosting, but it can be a great way to get started with your website.

Things to Consider While Buying Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh

  • 1. Compare Hosting Plans: Before you buy any hosting plan in Bangladesh, make sure to compare different plans from different hosting companies. This will help you to find the best plan for your budget.
  • 2. Check Reviews: Read online reviews from different customers who have used the hosting company. This will give you an idea of the quality of service and support provided by the company.
  • 3. Check Price: Different hosting plans come at different prices. Make sure to compare prices from different companies and choose the one that fits your budget.
  • 4. Look for Discounts: Many companies offer discounts on their hosting plans. Look for such offers and take advantage of them to get the best deal.
  • 5. Check the Features: Make sure to check the features the hosting company provides. These features should meet your requirements and should be user-friendly.
  • 6. Check the Uptime: Make sure to check the uptime offered by the hosting company. The uptime should be reliable and consistent.
  • 7. Check the Security: Make sure the hosting company provides adequate security measures to protect your website and data.
  • 5. 8. Check Customer Support: Make sure the hosting company provides 24/7 customer support. This will help a lot.

Final Words About Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh

Cheap web hosting can be a great solution for those on a tight budget who are just starting out. However, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a more reliable web hosting service with better customer service and more features, you may need to invest a bit more money. In the end, the best web hosting solution for you will depend on your individual needs.

Benefits to Buy Cheap Web Hosting From zHost


Complete control

Once you buy hosting from us you will get the complete control Panel or cPanel.


USA Based Server

USA provide the most powerful data center in world that’s why we choose USA server.


99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We offer cheap price hosting in Bangladesh with 99.99% up time guarantee.


24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support no matter if it’s a weekend or holiday we are always awake to help you.


Security Features

We use Firewall, Brute force, DDOS Network protection, ModSecurity, Cloud Linux, Password & Security to protect your data.


Site Backups

We provide daily, weekly, and monthly backups of all customer data. Our backups are securely stored in our backup servers.

Please note

MoneyBack guarantee not applicable for any domain name registration, renew or transfer. Due to promotional reasons Cheap Domain prices may change anytime.

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