CPA offers and Domain/Hosting Selection – Basic CPA Course-P5

On this Basic CPA online tutorial we will learn, how to choose a top CPA offers, select a related domain name and buy a hosting solution.

What is A Domain name?
According to Wikipedia “A Domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet”. In simple word, domain is name of your website.

What is Web Hosting?
According to Wikipedia Hosting means “Act as host at (an event) or for (a television or radio program); or to store (a Web site or other electronic data) on a computer connected to the Internet.” In short hosting is a space where you have to keep web data such as html, css or programming code, email and backups.

Domain and Hosting is essential for marketing or promote your CPA offers. To gain trust of your customer you must have to buy paid domains for CPAs. Free domain may loss of your all promotional efforts. In the same way free space is not suitable for CPA hosting. In CPA hosting need to capable to receive more visitors than regular website. At first enter into your CPA networks. Click on search campaigns to see all of your CPA offers.

Now step by step follow these instructions:
1. Click on search options
2. Select your traffic types what you want to use for promoting cpa offers
3. Choose country where you wish to promote your offers
4. Choose your desired category
5. Now choose sub category if needed
6. Select my approved offers then you can only see the offers which you can promote only

Now click on EPC so that you can see the top epc rated offers. EPC means Earn Per Click. And now click to open up your offers and read carefully all the requirements. Here you will see what you should do or you should not and what you have to do to get payouts.

In the next step, now visit: to get some ideas of registration a domain name. Type a domain name or keyword and click on domain suggestions and search. You will get lots of ideas. Now select only those extensions which you looking for or interested to purchase. You can also select any synonyms according to your keyword. Search again and again until you get your desired domain name. After choosing domain names now visit to purchase your domain. zHost Bangladesh offers free domain and SSL Certificate when you purchase any hosting package. There is a small package you can take. This package’s cost as low as only 1500/- taka. This domain is free for first one year and SSL Certificate is free for life time. If you have face any problem to purchase just feel free to contact us. We will help you by registering a domain name and hosting package you looking for.

If you want to learn more about CPA marketing then you can visit our facebook group. The name of this group is “zHost Academy”. Just make request on zHost Academy we will accept it as soon as possible. You can ask there anything CPA marketing related. First, follow the pin post above. Here you will see the all videos step by step which will help you to learn CPA marketing basic course easily.

Hope, you enjoyed and learned well from “How to choose a cpa offers and Domain/Hosting – CPA basic course – P5”.

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