Get paid from CPA Networks by Payoneer – CPA Online Course-P2

Today in this Basic CPA Online Course Part2 tutorial you will learn how to create an account on Payoneer to get paid from CPA Networks. According to wikipedia “Payoneer is a financial services company that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services.” So, I hope you understand the importance of having a payoneer account.

When you start working with any CPA Networks then you need to withdraw your earning and payoneer is faithful company, which provide international MasterCard. You consider the account to transfer your earning. So, you need to create an account there.

Here is the Payoneer Affiliate link: to create an account. The benefit of this link is when you click here you will be redirected in payoneer home page and able to get 25$ bonus as a commission. The commission you will be get after funding at least 100$ for your first payment. If you don’t use this link you won’t get the commission anytime. It’s great opportunity for everyone. Now click on “Sign up and Earn $25”. Now fill up with your all real information you find using these 4 steps.

Getting Started

Step 1: After opening your registration form you will see two categories 1 is individual and other 2 is company. Select individual and put your first name, last name, e-mail address, re-enter your email address and the date of your birth according your NID or something like that what is presenting your real identification. And click “NEXT” button.

Contact Details Step 2: Now select your country, correct address, city zip / postal code and your personal mobile operator number. This form is too important because when you finally wish to order a master card from payoneer this address will be accepted as your shipping address. Then click “NEXT” button.

Security Details Step 3: In this step you have to create a password. This password will help you in future when you want to log in your payoneer account. Now select a security question and answer. This is sensitive. Don’t forget at all or you could save it anywhere in a safe place. Now put your ID number. This could be your NID number or passport or driving license number. Then click “NEXT” to go to the final step.

Almost Done Step 4: Select the country where you opened a bank account already and currency. Now fill up your bank name, branch name, account holder name and account number. Mark with two option you notice below the form and click “SUBMIT” button.

Finally, when you submit everything then payoneer will review your application. After completed review you have to prove by given all of your identification. You need to provide two types information in your payoneer account for verify your account. One is your uploading your personal identification card’s front side and second is the back side if you are using your National ID card. For the security reason you should select 3 questions and answers. This will be needed if you want to change your any information in future. In the past, payoneer automatically provided the master card but recently if you need that card you have to fund at least $30 then you will get the option to order a card.

In the bangla video tutorial I said everything regarding Get paid from CPA Networks by Payoneer card. So, enjoy the Basic CPA Online Course-P2 and advance welcome to see you in the next CPA video series, till then have a good time.

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