Create a Successful LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn company/business page help you to share your business idea, explained your business, Brand, Product or Service and Job opportunities. LinkedIn Company page is the easiest way to connect people professionally. In this tutorial, we will present how to create LinkedIn page professionally. If you face any trouble to understand any topic please contact us. Subscribe our YouTube channel and Facebook page to get more video.

In This Tutorial We Will Learn:
  • How to Create a company page
  • How to complete your LinkedIn company profile
  • How can attract followers
Create a Company Page: Follow below step to create LinkedIn page:-
  • Logged-in your LinkedIn account and go to a profile page.
  • Click the work Icon in the top right corner of a menu bar.
  • You will see some option and click Create a company page
  • Write your company name and URL.
  • Company name and URL must be unique.
  • The Search engine will use this URL to find your company page.
  • Click the verification box to confirm that in the creation of the page.
  • Click the button Create page
  • Click Get start on the welcome page to start your company page.
Complete your LinkedIn Company Profile:

Already we have discussed how we can create a LinkedIn company profile. Now we will see how can fulfill company profile page. Please follow the below step:

  • Upload your company profile image and cover image. If you click Upload cover image and profile picture you can see the image size. 300X300 Pixel for Profile picture and 1536X768 Pixel for the cover picture.
  • Go to Description box and write about your company information.
  • Website URL: Provide Company Website URL to the website URL box.
  • Company Size: Select minimum and a maximum number of an employee of your company.
  • Industry: Select type of your Industry.
  • Company Type: select type of your company on your LinkedIn Company. Following types are available :
  1. Educational Institution
  2. Self-Employed
  3. Government Agency
  4. Nonprofit
  5. Sole Proprietorship:
  6. Privately Held
  7. Partnership
  • Add Location: Provide your exact company location it will be more helpful to find your company by prospective customer, Business partners, and Job seekers.
  • Click Me Icon at the top of the LinkedIn company page.
  • Select your company Page
  • Click on Tab
  • Click Confirm icon than go to next button.

After completing above information you will see Feature group option. If you want you can give maximum three featured group option. Feature group is not a mandatory option. Click on To save your changes button after submitting necessary information and click Publish button for update your LinkedIn page.

Attract Followers:

Invite your LinkedIn page to your LinkedIn account, you also can promote your page by emails, Blog, Newsletters and used others marketing promotional method. You can add follow button to your website to promote your LinkedIn company page professionally.

A LinkedIn company page is similar to a Facebook page but it’s very much professional and trusted to the customers, and others professional. The LinkedIn company page is very much helpful because you can share your company information to your followers and others employee at your company. You can engage your colleagues to create more followers and expand your business, promoting your product and services for your company. You can encourage your colleague to add your company to their personal profile it becomes more effective to expand your business.

Hope, our tutorial will be helpful to create a LinkedIn page. Already we have discussed how to create a LinkedIn group by LinkedIn Training Part-07. Feel free to contact us if you face any trouble or you have any query. Please subscribe our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page to get more relevant video. Please visit our company website to see our products and services.  Thanks and best wishes for you.

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