How to rank YouTube video on the first page (Advanced)

At present YouTube is the most popular and effective way to sharing video in online. Day by day YouTube are getting huge number of popularity, because of the member of YouTube getting large facility than others social media network. YouTube members are able to upload video, view and also able to share the video easily. In today’s tutorial, we will discuss how to upload videos on YouTube and how to ranked YouTube videos on the first page. Following the below guideline then your video will be reached many people. Subscribe to our YouTube channels to get regular updated videos. To solve any problems you may visit You can take the help of our skilled support team for any need. Our today’s video plays a very effective role, especially for the beginner.

How to upload video on YouTube?

• Logged in your YouTube Channel.
• Click on Upload at the top of the page.
• You will see two options 1. Upload video 2. Go live click on upload video.
• If you want you can upload video selecting from my computer or you can upload video by drag and drop.
• Click on publish video when your video will be uploaded successfully.

How to rank YouTube video on the first page

After uploading the video you can publish the video directly. Now we will see how to rank YouTube videos to maximize your video view. You can optimize your video with YouTube SEO by following methods:-

• Video Title: You must provide a video title before publishing your video. Use a good quality YouTube keyword in your video title so that viewers feel attracted to watching video after watching your title. YouTube keyword in your video title will help to rank your video on YouTube SEO.
• Video Description: YouTube is the biggest search engine in the world. If you use video description with good YouTube keyword YouTube SEO will help you to find your video to the viewers.
• Tags: You must use some tags or YouTube keywords in line with your video. You will try to match your video titles and descriptions before select tags. You can use Google ad words or different types of tools for choosing best YouTube keyword. You must select best quality YouTube keywords by analyzing keywords because it will be worked as a YouTube SEO. You can also copy tags from some well ranked videos on the same category video. If you use tags from the ranked video your video will appear as a suggested video next to those videos.
• Thumbnail: You must use attractive video Thumbnail on your video because it will help you to get more viewers and ranked your YouTube video. You can use any of the images from your video as thumbnail or you can create new pictures for thumbnail.

Hopefully today’s tutorials will help you how to upload videos on YouTube and how to ranked YouTube videos. If you have any quarry related to our tutorial, please comment in the bellow comments box. Subscribe our YouTube channels to get more helpful tutorial and like our Facebook page. Contact with us if you face any problems and needed. Our expert support team will co-operate with best support.

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