Create a LinkedIn Ad Campaign – Simple Ads Guide

When it comes about online Marketing or advertising, LinkedIn has a great value. We know that LinkedIn is a social media website, but it also the biggest platform for business and companies and also for who want a job from here. On this tutorial, we are talking about the LinkedIn ad. We will learn how to post an ad on LinkedIn. So let’s start.

How to Post your Ads on LinkedIn:

To post an ad on LinkedIn you must have a company page on LinkedIn. First, go to you will see a page like this. 

Now click on Create ad button on this page. Now you will see a page like below.

Now you need to select an option from here. There are three types of ads on LinkedIn ads. Such as 1. Sponsored Content, 2. Text Content, 3. Mail Content.

  1. Sponsored Content: LinkedIn will show your ads on the news feed of your targeted audience. And there will be marked as “Sponsored Content” See an Example here.
  2. Text Content: Your ad will be shown on the sidebar of LinkedIn Homepage. Here is an Example.
  3. Mail Content: It is something different from Sponsored contents and Text Contents. On this type of ad LinkedIn will send your ad to the LinkedIn mailbox of your targeted audience.

These are three types of LinkedIn. Now come to the next step. Now we need to select any one of them that type of ad we want to post. The Example I selected “Sponsored Content” from here.

Now you will see this page. We need to submit some information here. Account Name, Your currency, Your Company page Id. Now click “Next” Now choose a name for your Campaign, Choose your targeted audience language click “Next”

Now you need to choose what type of benefit you want to get from your ad. Do you want to get traffic on your website? Then click “Send people to your website or content”. Do you want to collect Leads from LinkedIn? Click “Collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms” Do you want to get a view on your video? Select “Get Video Views”

I want to get people on my website, so I selected Number 1.

Now you will find this.

Now you need to select your ad format. What is your ad format? Is your ad text based? Or link based? Or Image? Select number 1 if you want any of those.

Or if you want to publish a video on your video then select number 2.


Now, this is the page where you can publish your ad and manage them.

Click on “Create Sponsored Content” and click “Next” Find this page

Set a name for your Sponsored Content. Then add a link or Image or Text anything you want. Click “Next”

You will find this where you can see your ads that you published. Select your ad and click on “Next” button you will see all data about your ad.

So now you know how to publish your ad on LinkedIn. Thanks for reading this.

That was for today, in the next tutorial we will discuss about writing and listening. We hope, you guys keep with us for the next tutorial, Allah Hafez.

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