Introduction to LinkedIn Freelance Marketplace: What is LinkedIn Pro Finder

 Introduction to LinkedIn ProFinder and How Does It Work

Why do you use LinkedIn for your online portfolio? Do you know that? Your LinkedIn Account can make huge earnings from LinkedIn by doing Freelancing Job. You can use LinkedIn as a freelancing marketplace, as well as you can use all others freelancing marketplaces such as,, and all others.

On this article we will know about:
  1. What is LinkedIn ProFinder?
  2. What requirements need to follow to be a Pro?
  3. Tips to create a successful ProFinder profile.
  4. Applying to be a Professional on LinkedIn ProFinder.
  5. Tips to write a Quality “Proposal” that attract clients
What is LinkedIn “ProFinder”:

LinkedIn ProFinder is an online marketplace of LinkedIn. We know that LinkedIn is one of the best online business communities in the world. So LinkedIn started a service called ProFinder as an online freelancing marketplace. Where clients look for a professional freelancer who can complete his work. And a professional freelancer looks for a freelancing job to do. So LinkedIn ProFinder is a Freelancing Marketplace.

Note: LinkedIn ProFinder is now available in the USA only. What Requirements Need to Follow to be a Pro?

To be a professional freelancer on LinkedIn ProFinder you need to know about their terms & condition of their website. You can’t be a professional freelancer on LinkedIn ProFinder if you are not from the USA. You need to be experienced in your service area and also it needs to be clear on your profile about your service area.

Tips to Create a Successful ProFinder Profile:

Your ProFinder profile will say to your clients about you. If you can create a successful profile on ProFinder, they will work with you. So, for this reason, you must make your ProFinder Profile smart and professional. Here are some tips you need to know to make your profile smart and professional.

  • Photo: when it comes to your LinkedIn ProFinder profile, first of all, you need to make your photo professional.
  • Headlines: write a short but attractive Headline on your profile. You need to mention here about what service you provide.
  • Summary: your summary is a great way to mention about your service. Write a thoughtful summary that mention best about you and your service.
  • Published Article: Publish articles that related to your service. Your client will think about you.
  1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile. Here you will find “Work” menu click on this.
  1. After clicking on “Work” menu you will find a pop-down menu. Click on “ProFinder” from pop-down menu.
  2. Now here you will find a window like this.
  1. Click on your Profile and then click on “Are you a Pro?”
  1. Now you will find a new window Like this, Click on “Apply now
  2. You will find a list and you need to choose the main service from here that you provide. For example, I selected “Marketing” from here.
  1. Now you will find another service list under list and you need to choose up to 10 from here.
  2. Now if you see this page then you have created your LinkedIn ProFinder account completely. LinkedIn will confirm your ProFinder account within 24 hours. Now click on “Done
  3. Now click on “Manage your account
  4. See here my account is now pending for review. LinkedIn will
confirm you within 24 hours. Tips to Write a Quality “Proposal” that Attract Clients:
  • Start your Proposal by saying Hello, and then introduce yourself. Example: Hello, I am John, from the USA.
  • Let him know that you understand his or her project. And also tell him that you are experienced for this job.
  • Don’t copy your previous proposal. Write a new and smart proposal for this new project (This is from LinkedIn ProFinder rules).
  • Mention everything in your proposal but in a thoughtful way. Mention everything to him. Such as how you understand his job, what is your experience with the project, and also mention a little bit about how you will complete this job.
  • Share your past relevant project with him. It will help you a lot to get the job.
Conclusion: Now you know, what LinkedIn ProFinder is and how to get a freelance job from here. I hope this tutorial will help you to start a better freelancing on LinkedIn ProFinder. So start your freelancing here, and make a better freelancing life. Happy Freelancing. Thanks a lot to read this.

That was for today, in the next tutorial we will discuss about writing and listening. We hope, you guys keep with us for the next tutorial, Allah Hafez.

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