The Secrets of Getting a Maxbounty Account – Basic CPA Course-P4

Welcome everyone to Basic CPA Marketing Course Part 4 – The Secrets of Getting a Maxbounty Account. Today we will discuss about how to get approval on Maxbounty CPA Network. We know this is the number 1 CPA Network all over the world. Get approval on Maxbounty is not easy at all. Watch this Bangla CPA tutorial carefully because it’s really exclusive. I hope this video tutorial will really help you to get an account. Recently, I heard from many people that Maxbounty don’t accept any new client or Bangladesh is rejected or banned. It’s not real information. Pay attention, if Bangladeshi’s are not allowed to get any new account then how you can still open Maxbounty site. So, Maxbounty still accepting Bangladeshi if he or she is a real marketer. Now let me show the secret process how to get approval on Maxbounty. I will show you with some steps. Carefully follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your tab and visit and find a Maxbounty offer which you can understand well. Then open this offer. Then you will be redirected to Maxbounty main page.

Step 2: Now you will see two options. In the left side you will see “ Become an Affiliate ” and the other side you will see “ Become an Advertiser ”. Advertisers are who are offering us to promote an offer and Affiliate means who promote those offers to make money. You have to click on “ Become an Affiliate ”. After that, you will see the command “ JOIN MAXBOUNTY NOW ”. Just click over there.

Step 3: Here you will see a sign up form under affiliate sign up section. According to this form first select your name. And your company name. If you don’t have any company then you can put here your full name. It’s not a big deal. Now give a password what will be used for log in next time if you get approval and confirm it. Then click on the next button.

Step 4: Give your email information. This will be used for later when you wish to log in and retype your email. Now give your mobile number so that they can reach you to take your interview. It’s very important things. Don’t make any mistake. If you mistake in this field they can’t reach you anyway. Below give your another mobile number. If they can’t reach with your first number then they can try with your other mobile number. Then select your time zone. As a Bangladeshi you should select “ +6 ”. Now select your available reach. It’s important because they will call you at that time as you prefer. So, please select your best time to call you. Now give your skype username as your instant messenger and tell them how you get information about Maxbounty. Choose Offervault. Then click on Next button again.

Step 5: On this address section give your address information where you live and City. We are not North American so you don’t need to fill up this box. Select your state below as a non North American. Now select your country and zip or postal code according to your address.

Step 6: This is very important section. Select your experience level. Now tell them about your past experience in affiliate marketing and your planning that you are going to promote their offers. Fill up those two boxes carefully. And tell them what kind of offers you looking for. Give your website URL. And lastly tell them that this account is not incentive traffics. Then click on the next button again.

Step 7: Finally mark all the three options to agree with their terms and conditions. Your application is done. Now just wait for the interview. After completing a success interview they will approve your request and let you in.

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