How to track your sent email – Mailtrack for gmail

Email tracking for Gmail and inbox will be benefited for your personal and professional emails. You can use email tracking tools helps let you know when your Gmail have been read or not. Let’s make it clear, suppose you sent CV by mail using Gmail tracker. In these case you can make sure that your email are reaching the person or not. Email tracking also helps you to know how long ago and how many times have been read by receiver. Email tracking free is very much benefited, fully compatible and most popular email tracking tools.

Now we will discuss how to email tracking for Gmail on your Gmail account. Email tracking for Gmail and inbox works with other email tracking tools perfectly. Follow bellow instruction to add email tracking tools extension on your Gmail account.

• Logged-in your gmail account. (Open another new tab on your browser)
• Search mailtrack for gmail on the search box of your browser.
• Click on email tracking for gmail &inbox-mailtrack-chrome web store.
• Click on add to chrome.
• Click on add extension.
• Then sign in with gmail account. You will logged-in your gmail account
• Click on allow. (You will see another dialogue box mailtrack wants to access your google account
• Click on sign up free.
• Click on go to my email.

You can use email tracking free For Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Email tracking will be very much benefited for you. Please contact with us if you face any trouble regarding this video or another issue, Our support team will help you. Please hit the like button on our Facebook fan page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for getting more tips and tricks.

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