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zHost is a well-established IT based company in Bangladesh. Our main focus is to provide world’s best quality domain and web hosting services. But to facilitate our customers, we do provide additional services like web design and development, web marketing, graphics design, web and IT business consultancy.

Our Products and Services

Please note, we do not sale any physical product to our customer. zHost only provide digital services

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team to make sure outstanding support 24 hours a day.
– If any customer has issue with hosting will get prompt support instantly.
– If you need any support regarding web design, development, web marketing we will responds within 12 hours once you submit a support ticket or phone call.
– We do not provide any physical support at your spot. You can have physical support only at our office.

Payment Terms

All payment for domain registration and web hosting are prepaid. You must have to pay full amount before activation. Currently we accept payment through bKash, bank and hand cash. If you fail to pay renew fees before the day activated your account, can be cause of suspend or cancelation of your domain and hosting.

Claim Refund

You can claim full refund of web hosting package within 30 days of purchase, 100% without obligation. But if you bought domain name will not be refundable. Please note, refund will not applicable if you buy a package with any offer we provide.

Account Information

zHost is not responsible for any information you provide during registration application. You must have to verify your email address to be an owner of your domain. We do not send any privet login information unauthorized email address or instant messenger.

Violation of Government Rules

zHost is not responsible, if a domain owner breaks any legal rules of local government. We declared us free from any illegal activates.

Services or Website we don’t Allow

zHost not sale domain and hosting for few website categories. The categories are adult site, gambling, law, military, interest based organization, drags, hacking, spamming, music industry, web scam, web bot, auto script, email marketing. Also we have rights to add new categories in the list in future.

Data Backup, Restoration and Loss

We are not liable for any data loss because of natural calamities such as earth quake, flood, digester, cyclone, etc.

Dedicated and VPS Hosting:

We do not keep any backup for Dedicated server and VPS hosting. Clients are directly responsible to have database backup themselves. Backup data will permanently remove once terminate dedicated server and VPS hosting.

Shared Hosting:

zHost keep weekly 1 data backup for shared hosting account. We do keep last 1 daily data backup. We also provide backup facility to our customer through cPanel. You can download backups at any time.

As per request of client we restore your web data, keep in mind we are not responsible any damage done by client.

Cancelation of Services

Breaking of any legal rules, zHost have right to cancel any contracts made with you at any time.

Account Suspension

If we found any issues, abuse, illegal activities on your account, we will immediately suspend your account and send you notice to fix. If you do not reply within next 72 Hours, we have right to permanently remove your account.

Account Termination for Payment

We terminate any dedicated and VPS Hosting with data within 2days after payment overdue. For shared hosting we terminate data within 30 days after payment overdue. Once termination done, all data are not recoverable.


The above terms and conditions are only applied to make secure and comfortable our clients. Any terms and condition can be change depend on salutation or person to person.
Please note, zHost do respect the ownership of your website and products.

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