Transfer Web Hosting

Transfer Web Hosting
Free Transfer web hosting in Bangladesh

Moving websites are always a complicated task. To transfer a website need highly technical skills and professionalism. zHost Bangladesh experienced most of web hosting customers are not capable to transfer website to new host. During migration process most of the case websites have broken design and lost information’s such as content, emails, ftp, users etc. The problems are facing not only Bangladeshi customer but worldwide. So we have come up a free web hosting migration offer. If you want to move your website from another server to us our highly skilled migration team is ready to help you at any time. To get a free Transfer Web Hosting in Bangaldesh or any migration consultancy feel free

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Server Migration Steps

Step 1: You need to provide us full backup of cPanel files from the current server. If you are not sure, how to create a backup from cPanel let us know your current cPanel login info.

Step 2: We will transfer the current backups to our hosting via FTP server.

Step 3: We will test and debug the entire backups are correctly working on new host. If any issues come up we will fix those issues.

Step 4: Finally we will change Name Server or we will request you to change the name server from domain control panel. To change NS record you must have to ensure you have full access to the domain account.

The following document will outline what you should expect while the migration is being worked on:

1. We will begin to match up all your software versions as identified from your source cPanel page, though we generally are only able to identify the main software, including Apache, Mysql and PHP, while custom modules should be indicated as needed to avoid being missed.

2. We will then begin moving your data from your old server to your new server by means of generating a full account backup. A full cPanel backup includes all necessary information for restoring the account on the new server.

3. Once your data has been migrated and all your accounts have been restored, your migration specialist will ask you to look over your sites located on your new LiquidWeb Server. This is done by modifying the hosts file on your home/office computer, and instructions will be provided once we have reached this stage of the migration.

4. After looking over your sites, if all appears well, you will need to update DNS according to the needs of the migration. If keeping the existing nameservers, you will simply need to update the A records; if nameservers will be changing, you will instead update these at the registrar for the domains using these.

please note: Due to the limited access to the source server, a final sync of data will generally not be possible in this case. We highly recommend completing testing within a timely manner and updating the DNS as soon as ready to avoid a discrepancy in data between when the initial migration and testing were completed.

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