What is vidIQ and How to Use It for Your YouTube Video Marketing

Do you have a YouTube Channel? Do you want to rank your video on YouTube search result? YouTube video ranking is one of the best ways for YouTube marketing. If you can rank your video on YouTube search result for your targeted keyword you will get your targeted audience on your video that will help you to grow your marketing and increase your conversation rate. So now the question is, is it easy to rank YouTube video on YouTube search result? Not as easy as you think, and also not as hard as you afraid. You just need to follow some ways to rank your video and vidIQ extension can help you so much for this.

What will we know?

  1. What is vidIQ?
  2. What kind of information can I get by vidIQ?
  3. How to install vidIQ on the browser? And how to create an account?
  4. How to use vidIQ?
What is vidIQ?
vidIQ is a Chrome Extension that helps you for YouTube marketing. By using this extension you can get a smart data for any YouTube video, and also optimize your video for YouTube SEO. It is YouTube certified Extension so for this reason, it is 100% safe to use.

What Kind of Information Can You Find?
If you click on a video you can find some valuable information. Information includes how much this video is socially Engaged, YouTube Engagement Rate, SEO score, tags of this video, search result rank for these tags and other SEO data. Now you may think why you need to know this information? Let me explain, do you know about competitor analysis? This is an important factor for SEO, to rank on a keyword you need to know about your competitors and their position for this keyword. If you can do better competitor analysis than others then you will rank for this keyword. So, for this reason, you need to know about your competitor. Suppose your keyword is “Make Money online” Now you can search for this on YouTube and see details for the first video for this keyword and then make your plan to rank your video. So to know about your competitor you need to use vidIQ.

How to Install VidIQ?
First of all, go to https://vidIQ.com/apps/vision/ to download vidIQ extension. Click on “Install Chrome Extension Or go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vidIQ-vision-for-youtube/pachckjkecffpdphbpmfolblodfkgbhl and Install it from here. Click on “Add to Chrome” Button and you will find a popup box, click on “Add Extension” button. If you find a logo of vidIQ extension on Chrome extension bar it means its installed. Now, your vidIQ Extension has been installed successfully, so we need to create an account.
Create vidIQ Account: Click on vidIQ button you will get a Drop down menu bar. Scroll down it you will find Login option. Click on “Create an account”

Now provide all information. First, submit your email address, then submit email again on the second box, now type your full name on the third box, then choose a password, Attention, It isn’t your Gmail password, set a password for vidIQ. Type this password again. Click on the checkbox to agree to their Terms of Service. Click on “Sign up” Now your account will be created.

How to use vidIQ:
vidIQ is easy to use. I will show you here how to use this. First of all, you can use this to know about your keyword position. Suppose your keyword is “rank YouTube video” you can search this on YouTube. You will find some information, see the screenshot below.

  1. Subscribers to this channel.
  2. Tags used on this video.
  3. YouTube Engage, Facebook Engage, YouTube Engage rate.
  4. Some data for this keyword, Monthly search, Highest view of a video for this keyword.
  5. Keyword Score, Search Volume and Competition score.

This is for search result analysis. Now you can do an analysis of any video too. Click on a video you want to analyze. You will get all the necessary information you needed to get started. Thanks to read this. Share this with your friends if you want. Sharing is caring. Thanks again.

That was for today, in the next tutorial we will discuss about writing and listening. We hope, you guys keep with us for the next tutorial, Allah Hafez.

Watch the video on YouTube: vidIQ for youtube

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