Add Watermark to YouTube Channel: Ways to Get More Subscribers

Now a day’s YouTube is the most popular social media network site. YouTube is very popular for newcomers because they can promote their products by following YouTube branding strategy. New entrepreneurs can start YouTube video marketing for promoting their product by increasing YouTube subscriber. YouTube is moving fast ahead of other social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Embed YouTube watermark is the effective way for YouTube channel marketing for YouTube channel. YouTube watermark embedded your brand logo and it allows you to promote your brand on every video on your YouTube channel. YouTube watermark will help you to get more subscribers on your video channel because viewers can directly subscribe to your channel by click on Brand image/Watermark. Follow below step for add YouTube Branding image/ YouTube Watermark: –

  • Logged-In your YouTube Channel
  • Click on channel Icon and go to Creator studio.
  • Click on a channel to the left side Menu.
  • You will see Add watermark after click on branding.
  • Click on “Add a Watermark” to set up subscriber link.
  • Upload your selected brand image from a desktop.
  • Click on “Save Button”
  • You can select display time when you want to show up “watermark”. You will get three option like:
  1. End of Video
  2. Custom Start Time
  • Enter Video
  • Click update after select display time.
Click on “Update” after completing following task. Now YouTube watermark will show up on your videos, viewers can subscribe your YouTube channel by click on YouTube watermark.

YouTube watermark will help you to get more subscribers but you need follow YouTube marketing strategy for attracting viewers to visit your YouTube channel. Please subscribe our YouTube channel for getting more tips and tricks.

Some Key Strategies to Increase Subscriber on YouTube Channel: –

YouTube is the world’s most successful media and largest platform of video marketing. It’s very much popular for new entrepreneurs and online marketer. Company/ Organization or an individual person can promote their product and services to their targeted customer by YouTube. You can increase more subscribers by following YouTube marketing strategy. You can use your YouTube video link in others social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn etc it will help you to generate more viewers on your YouTube channel. You also can use video link on your website and blog page for increasing viewers.

  • Upload video to your YouTube channel regularly. Do not upload more videos in a day.
  • Upload unique and without copyright video.
  • Make videos using your own devices such as camera, mobile etc.
  • Describe the video content and add another video link.
  • Try to keep video duration in 4-6 minutes.
  • Use your channel logo or watermark on the video.
  • Use your video link on Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media platform.
You will get more viewers if you follow our tutorial properly. This tutorial helps you to get more subscribers for YouTube channel marketing. Keep in touch with us to getting a more helpful video for YouTube branding.

Hope, you like our today’s tutorial. If you have any query regarding this video please comment below on this video or contact us. Our support team will help you to clear your concept properly. Like our YouTube channel and visit our website to get more relevant information for you.

That was for today, in the next tutorial we will discuss about writing and listening. We hope, you guys keep with us for the next tutorial, Allah Hafez.

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