WordPress General Settings tutorial in Bangla – WordPress basic tutorial – Part2

In the last episode we discussed about introduction of dashboard, here we recognized a little concept about dashboard and how to change it easily. Today we will see how to work with general setting in dashboard. Now we will move to our main tutorial.

Here we can see a dashboard, now we will move to general setting from settings option. At the top of this page, we can see site title option. Here we can write our site title. This option mainly use to explain what the title of this site is. The My Blog word has left site in the top of dashboard. We can also see it in our own website. If we change the name “My Blog” into “My first Blog” and save the page, it also change the first page of our website.

Under the “site title” we can see “tagline” the right site of tagline we introduce with a new word which is “My WordPress Blog” we can also see the word in the first page of our website, under the word of “My First Blog”. This option mainly use to explain what this site is about.

Now, if we change the word “My WordPress Blog” into “My Example Blog” and save the page at the same time we refresh our main page, we will see the word “My Example Blog” instead the word “My WordPress Blog”.

After the completing previews task we also recognize with a new word that is “WordPress address (URL)” this URL is also knows as our website URL. Under this option, we can see “Site Address (URL)” option. This option mainly showing our dashboard URL.

After this, we know about “Email Address”. Here we write our Gmail Address. The main purpose of email address is getting all kind of update notification about WordPress and plugins through this email address.

After that we can see membership option, it usually use for registration user, if we enable this option then any kind of user can registration in our website if we disable then no one can do it.

Then we also destine “New User Default Role”. By default its given subscriber. If we want then we can change it for ours need. If we want to know about user roles, we have to go WordPress codex, after that we find some criteria about summary of roles.

There are 6 types of user role in WordPress.

1.Super Admin: the main task of supper admin is creating network by using multisite.
2.Administrator: Someone who can edit, update or delete anything to do the site. Overall he can do any administrative work.
3.Editor: He can manage and edit any other user’s post, approve, delete or publish them. He can also manage his own post.
4.Author: An author can only manage and edit their own post. And also delete them if he want. 5.Contributor: Someone who can only write their own post but cannot publish it.
6.Subscriber: They only create their own profile and manage them. But they cannot do any other work like create or update post or anything else.

We already create 4 user for describe about role of user default. We can find out user create by use all user option. Now we can see 5 user, I’m going to show you individual user for individual work.

At first, we can see author, as an author we log in, after log in we go to new post option by using posts option, then create a post and publish also, after publish the post we can watch it at our site as author post.

As a contributor we log in our site and go to add new post by using posts option, then create a new post And we can see. we just submit it but can’t publish, we already know a contributor just create a new post he can’t publish it. We refresh our site but we can’t see any post as a contributor post.

As an editor we log in our site and go to all post by using posts option after that we edit a post which is post by contributor, as an editor he can publish this post. If the editor publish this post we can found a new post in our website as a contributor post.

As a subscriber we log in the site he can only mange profile, he can’t get any kind of opportunity like that create post or edit post, he can only create a page and maintains this.

After known all user role we back to general settings page. Under new user default role we can see an option which is “site language” option. To use this, we can select your suitable language which one you want to use your website. By default it’s given in English.

In timezone option, we can select our standard time which is correct for our city zone. Then we can see Date Format option. Here we can set our website date format. By default, multi options are given there. If we select one of theme. Then our site date format is automatically changed. After this, we can set our website time format in Time Format option. Here is also multi options are given. And we can select one of them to change our site time format.

At last, we can see Week Starts On option. In this place we can set our website first day of the week. By default, there is given Monday. But if we want we can set any other day of the week .Here I am selecting Saturday option. After all of this done, we can save this page. Then our site will be saved this changes. We can see all of changes in our front page of website.


General settings is playing an important role to make a WordPress site. If we do not know about it elaborately then we cannot manage our WordPress site properly. So we need to know about it. In this tutorial, I am trying to explain everything about this page. I hope that, if you follow this tutorial instructions then you can easily manage this page as you like.

That was for today, in the next tutorial we will discuss about writing and listening. We hope, you guys keep with us for the next tutorial, Allah Hafez.

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