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To keep your business online, we have solution for web hosting in Bangladesh. From personal to corporate we offer perfect hosting plan

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To start domain & web hosting business, we have custom packages for reseller hosting in Bangladesh. Sell web host in your own brand today!

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Have a high traffic website? Here we have SSD Premium web hosting solution for you to receive more visitor to your website without down time.

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If you are looking for a personal virtual private server with dedicated resources for high traffic website, managed VPS is the right solution for you


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Free Domain & SSL with Regular Hosting Packages



1 GB NVMe SSD Drive

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80 GB Monthly Bandwidth

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4 GB NVMe SSD Drive

160 GB Monthly Bandwidth

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5 GB NVMe SSD Drive

200 GB Monthly Bandwidth

1 Free domain

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10 GB NVMe SSD Drive

400 GB Monthly Bandwidth

1 Free domain

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15 GB NVMe SSD Drive

600 GB Monthly Bandwidth

1 Free domain

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20 GB NVMe SSD Drive

800 GB Monthly Bandwidth

1 Free domain

FREE SSL (Life Time)



Unlimited NVMe SSD Drive

Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth

1 Free domain

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We have pre-planned regular hosting packages what you need. But still if you need any custom hosting solution to meet your requirements then surly feel free to contact us: +8801738881133. You will have a free domain for first year and SSL certificate with every web hosting package below.
Web Hosting Moneyback Buarantee

100% MoneyBack Guarantee

30 days 100% MoneyBack guarantee for any web hosting package without any obligation. Please note, for domain name regsitration moneyback guarantee not applicable.

Web Hosting Bangladesh

Free Domain and SSL Certificate

SSD Web Hosting in Bangladesh is here!!!

zHost Bangladesh operates web hosting in Bangladesh with 100% client satisfaction. Unlike any business, hosting services need full-time support with high level IT technical knowledge. However, only dedicated support is not enough; need a stable hi-quality server and latest hardware equipment to keep web host up and running. zHost Bangladesh has done extensive work on those two key factor and professionally established the standard to grow a business. We don’t believe the 24hour support is a promotional word, but we do practice in practical since we have started the hosting business. In consideration of price, we do not provide cheap web hosting, but we offer an affordable price. We ensure the top quality hosting at a reasonable cost. We understand for your business how vital the website you hosted to us. We treat our clients every single website as is ours. If you are looking for top web hosting company in Bangladesh, you are in the right place. Order a web hosting package today and get a domain free for 1year and SSL certificate for lifetime.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, eCommerce owner or have a corporate house and target to promote your product or services in USA market, here is the solution for you. Our USA servers help you a lot. is a Bangladeshi web hosting organization. We provide domain and SSD web hosting in Bangladesh. We offer only USA based SSD hosting server with 99.99% up time guarantee. offers you the full access and control to your domain and cPanel. We provide domain control panel alongside your domain name. So you are free to configure DNS, enlist another domain, move or exchange whenever you want. Our Domain registration service has burglary assurances which make secure your domain from the illicit transaction. We have a devoted client bolster group. And this team helps customers instantly in any sorts of aiding and domain-related inconveniences. On the off chance that you need to get the best quality web hosting from Bangladesh at a sensible cost and fulfillment, ought to be your first decision.


We have Enterprise standard GB NVMe SSD Drive along with RAID 10, Multiple Physical Disk and many more.


We have Firewalls, DDos Protection, SSL Security Certificate, Virus Protection, ImunifyAV, ModSecurity, Virus Scanner and many more which are strongly able to secure your data.


We provide premium quality SSD hosting server with 99.99% up time guarantee. Our Litespeed Server make your website faster then ever.


We have a backup system which can easily restore damages data. We deploy full server backup in different disk space and have remote guardian auto backup for user end.


Our every single server location is USA that’s why your website load like a Rocket. USA Datacenter is the most powerful location to communicate world wide.


We know only a good hosting server can’t enough. Our dedicated support team with 24/7 days support makes it quite enough.


Visitors, Awstats, Webalizer, Errors, Optimize Website.


Data protection Firewall, Brute force, DDOS Network protection, ModSecurity, Cloud Linux, Password & Security.


Server data backup, Guardian backups, cPanel Backup, Mirror Disk space.


SSD Hard disk, Intel Xeon processor, DDR3 SDRAM, Uptime, Fully Managed Server – Real time Monitoring.


File Manager, FTP Accounts, MySQL Databases, phpMyAdmin, Remote MySQL.


Site Publisher, Addon Domains, Subdomains, Redirects, DNS Zone.


Email Accounts, Forwarders, Autoresponders, Mailing Lists, Apache SpamAssassin.


PHP, Softaculous Apps Installer, Select PHP Version, Setup Python App, Setup Ruby App, Perl Modules.

Web Design

While people visit your website for the first time they will judge your business on the first impression. In these case if your website looks outdated then your visitors will instantly have a negative impression about your business. To overcome the problem you must have create a good looking website.

Our purpose is to expand the business through consumer satisfaction. We have started web design and development while we started the business. In the main time we have done lot of project and getting experience about it. And now we are confident enough to provide the best web design in Bangladesh and domain hosting solution for you.

In one word e commerce means online shop where people can visit your website and buy product or services what you have provided. The popularity of e commerce business in Bangladesh is constantly increasing because of its availability. Now a question may arise on your mind that is why you need a ecommerce website?

Here is the example: Basically if you have an ecommerce website then people can visit your website any time. Because of this, people will be able to buy 24 hours which cannot be traded in the traditional business. In addition if you have a physical shop but don’t have an ecommerce website then undoubtedly you’re losing lot of customers every day.

We have done a huge number of ecommerce website in Bangladesh with client satisfaction. Even while we complete an ecommerce website we guide the owner to maintain it. If you want to develop an ecommerce website but scared about maintain then don’t hesitance to contact with us.

Ecommerce Website
Newspaper Website

For the good of internet we can read every type of news whenever we want. That’s why the popularity of online news portal constantly increasing among the world. Even the popularity of online news portal in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Now a question may arise that is why online news portal gain a huge number of popularity in Bangladesh? The answer is quite simple! In term of information and technology we’re not far behind than the developed world. In the age of Information and technology we are all involved with the internet. That’s why the availability of online news portal helps it to gain popularity. A physical newspaper company needs huge number of people to manage it on the other hand there are only few member can manage an online news portal. In addition online news portal have one more advantage that is when you post news on your website viewers can instantly read it but in the case of physical newspaper you have to wait till the next morning.

Our purpose is to expand the business through consumer satisfaction. We have made lots of newspaper website in Bangladesh with client satisfaction. For better services a newspaper website needs quality web hosting. We have also provided best Newspaper hosting in Bangladesh. If you want to develop Newspaper website in Bangladesh with satisfaction then please don’t be late! Contact with us as soon as possible.

Domain Registration Services in Bangladesh

From international to local register your desire domain with zHost Bngladesh. We offer best ever domain price with full control panel. You have full fredom to transfer your domain at any time. We made domain registration in bangladesh much easyer then ever.

.Com domain

Tk.1450/year Domain


Domain Reseller


We Offer

You will have full access and control over your domain. We offer domain control panel along with your domain name. So you are free to configure DNS, register new domain, move or transfer at anytime. Our domain registration service has theft protections which make secure you domain from illegal transfer.

SIGN UP now! for free domain control panel.

Domain and Web Hosting FAQ

free domain with web hosting

What is web hosting?

If you are planning to have a professional or personal website, first question come up “what is web hosting?”

Web hosting is a space on internet where your web files should be store to access via World Wide Web. Is it sound complex? Ok, allow me to give you a clear idea about webhosting, let me bring a real life example.

Suppose you want to build a home to live or setup a shop to start a business. In the both case you need land to create structure of your home or shop. Without home or shop on the land you will not be able to decorate your home furniture or showcase your products for sale. In the similar way if you want to build a website on internet to showcase your products, business, blog, or anything you need web hosting space, which is same as land. Every land has specific space or size which is also true for web hosting, you will have a limited space to build your website and keep data on web disk.

What is Web Hosting

What is Domain Name?

In simple word, if you have a house or apartment it should have a physical address. In the same way if you have a website it should have a web address is call domain name. If you want to browse someone’s website you should type the domain name (address) in internet web browser.

There are 2 type of Top-Level domain:

1. gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain) – eg.
2. ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) – eg.

What is Domain Name

Different between shared, VPS & dedicated hosting?

1. Shared Hosting – Lot of website share the one big web host with most features to build a website. Benefit of shared hosting is very low cost. Like you live in a house with your all family members share same space.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting – VPS just like flat in an apartment. You won the flat but there are many flat owners in the same building. Yet all VPS user have access some common resources like gas, electricity, etc. and can install programs you need.

3. Dedicated Hosting – Like have your own building, no one have access to the server. You are the only user of the entire server. Dedicated hosting provides you full resource only for your website.

Contrast between domains & hosting versus website?

When you have a webpage guest, they utilize your domain name to see your site. As necessary as it appears, there is a procedure that happens from the time that the site guest sorts in your domain and presses enter. At the point when a webpage guest enters your domain name into a browser, domain is then converted into your server IP address.
Here the server sends that utilization your website documents, which their program speaks to them as a regular web-page.

The two essential parts that make up any present-day site are:

  • Web-Hosting Servers
  • Site Files

Web Hosting Servers

The web hosting or server is much similar to the space that you lease to have your business in. It’s merely space itself. It does exclude furniture like racks for your items, similarly as the web-hosting account doesn’t add a website for you to offer your details.

Without the hosting administrations, you won’t have a place for your records to live, so your space would then end up plainly like a separated telephone number in the telephone registry, and your site documents would have no place to remain.

WebSite Files

The site records are what your visitors and potential customers see while browsing to a site, for instance, your things and services. The site records are the same as some other archive you use, like a .jpg photograph, or .mp3 music report.

The web hosting server knows how to examine these records, which shows how the site page looks or instruct the server to do a movement of figures. These figurines are things like comprehending what blog article it ought to send back to the watcher, or what discourse exhibit it’s accumulated on conveying back.

Web builder:

Our web builder is the most straightforward approach to fabricate a site and get on the web. The webpage manufacturer gives several professionally outlined formats that can be altered to make your site precisely the way you needn’t bother with any related knowledge. The web builder incorporates a free domain name and a web hosting account that is set up consequently.

Let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of the web builder arrangement:

  • The most straightforward approach to getting online: With no extra learning required and several included formats, you’ll be online in the blink of an eye.
  • Big web-based business sites are dubious: Although you can offer items and administrations with the web builder, it can get precarious if you have several things in which you are providing on the web.
  • Profoundly custom site functionality is hard: Although you can install code and change the system for your site, it can be difficult to do very custom stuff with looking over, HTML5, picture show, and so on.
  • Proficient outcomes at low cost: Paying a decent website specialist to make a site you are glad to cost a great deal of cash. Particularly if a portable webpage is incorporated; the Website Builder gives all of you that for a low month to month cost and gives you the chance to edit your webpage whenever you want.

How to choose the perfect Web Hosting for website?

This is very much important to know that how to choose theright web hosting from Bangladesh. Most of the peoples are in the dark in this option and having difficulty selecting the best web hosting. As a result, they are wasting their money and getting low-quality web hosting services. Here we have suggested you the proper tips to choose the best and right web hosting in Bangladesh. This information will help you more than you think. So keep reading.

Best Process to Pick a Web Hosting Services:

Some frequently asked question before choosing a web hosting service:

  • How do I understand that which web hosting service is good?
  • Are the bandwidth and disk storing features important to consider?
  • Which sort of hosting organization would it be a smart thought for me?

You will get all the answer of the above FAQ in 15 points. Also, the point’s bellows well help you to know the best process of pecking the best web hosting service for sure.

How to pick a web hosting service?

In a nutshell:

  • Know your hosting needs.
  • Check hosting control board.
  • Study web host upgrading options.
  • Check costs for both join and reestablishment.
  • Explore on have dependability and uptime ensures
  • Other supporting highlights (i.e., site reinforcement, ecological friendship, and so on.)
  • Check all hosting features, (for example, some addon domains permitted) in light of your needs.
  • Read hosting organization’s ToS to discover more about record suspension and server utilization approach.

Knowing Your Hosting Needs

It is much important to consider. So, I want to tell about it in detail for your need. You can never get the right web without recognizing what you require. So before you go for any further steps set everything aside and ponder your own particular needs.

  • Do you expect Windows applications?
  • What sort of site would you want to build?
  • Does your site require extraordinary programming?
  • How huge (or little) can the web movement volume go?
  • Do you expect a specific form of the software (i.e., PHP)?
  • Do you need something well-known (a WordPress blog, for instance)?

These are a part of the primary options you need to ask and answer yourself. Have a snappy picture of what you have to do with your site now. Figure what happens in the accompanying a year.

If you yet have problem to choose perfect web hosting package for your website or application, don’t worry call our hosting expert today: 01738881133 and get instant help.

Common Missteps in Taking Website Hosting?

Usually, we make some mistakes before taking a web hosting. In any case, wouldn’t you say it’s smarter to gain from others’ missteps than doing it without anyone else’s help and after that apologize to them? If it’s tied in with hosting your business site, you can’t bear to commit a single error. An hour of downtime can cost you much as well as put your online reputation in question.

If you watch out for a portion of the network hosting audits, you will learn and feel the agony focuses. Each eCommerce site proprietor must do this activity to create scientific abilities.

You’ll require a decent web host as well as a dependable and efficiently receptive arrangement supplier. On the off chance that your companions said that it’s so natural to set up a site and move in online business, please reconsider before you pass by the bits of gossip and amazement. It takes a plenty of cash, exertion and profound comprehension of the WWW to run a show on the web.


All the missteps are familiar to many peoples who are taking web hosting. And we must avoid these mistakes before taking a web host.

  • Not investigating your impediments
  • Not speaking of the specialized help
  • Not focusing on given terms and conditions
  • Banding together with another hosting organization
  • Not understanding the SEO results of web hosting
  • Not having nitty-gritty data on the help entry and its utilization
  • Not adhering to the nuts and bolts of purchasing over the web
  • Expecting the least expensive and free web have an arrangement
  • Not having a purity of circle space and transmission capacity use
  • Shared versus committed hosting – does it make a difference?

It is always great to put stock in your judgment than passing by any notice or one-sided suppositions. When you read enough audits, client tributes, websites, and instructional exercises and gathering remarks, you will be in a superior position to examine and analyze between a decent and a terrible host. If you have a hunch that the appropriate responses are not promptly approaching from a host, you should stop the talk and search for an option.

We have tried to give you all the essential resource and information about web hosting in detail. Hope all the info above will much helpful for you, and you will come to know substantial hidden information about web hosting. We do not hide anything from you. We are straightforward to give you the best web hosting service in Bangladesh. We build the trust and serve with honesty. If you need any more information on and if you want to know our services and offer then you are welcome to visit us widely. We are always ready to reach you!



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